Tesla Arc Lighter vs Saberlight Sparq | Best USB Arc Lighter Reviewed

I was after a reliable windproof electric lighter to use around the home, and to take camping. The problem was which, out of the hundreds of designs are the best USB arc lighters. The two main electronic Arc lighter designs I was considering were the:

  • Saberlight Sparq Round
  • Tesla Arc Coil Lighter Square

Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so I just has to buy both to work out which is best for my needs. Well they are cheap enough to buy heaps of them. At the end of the day both have a pulse plasma beam for lighting cigarettes, cigars and candles. So lets work out whats the most useful.  Read more about usb lighter.

Saberlight Sparq Review

saberlight arc lighter silver

So the Saberlight Sparq was the first Arc Lighter I tried out for a few weeks. I firstly charged it up fully to see how long it would … Read More