Is Hyperautomation The Answer To Alleviating The Covid-19 Business Threat?

Elvera Bartels

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“The long term workforce is 1 that is augmented with electronic assistants”

It is no exaggeration to say that the COVID-19 pandemic will unquestionably influence just about every company in just about every business, in some way, writes Gavin Jackson, Senior VP of EMEA of UiPath.

Covid-19 Business Threat
Gavin Jackson

Company executives locate themselves beneath significant pressure to navigate the limited-time period impacts of slowing development – and a how-to guidebook for surviving this is still to be published. Several urgent choices needed to be manufactured to ensure reductions – no matter if that be long lasting or momentary – influencing staffing amounts,  discretionary spend controls, and scaled production in buy to maintain enterprises afloat.

In some cases, unnatural spikes in the volume of transactional work can induce these pressures to be exacerbated, specifically when it arrives to increasing insurance plan statements, cancelled appointment correspondence or climbing contact-centre calls.  

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