The Case for a Partnership Between Trade Credit Insurers and the U.S. Government

Elvera Bartels

A lifeguard on a seashore, a spare tire in the trunk, and a bicycle helmet. What do these three matters have in frequent? If you were being to question me, I’d say these are matters that preserve us protected if some thing were being to go incorrect. We might not believe about or even recognize them on a day-to-day foundation, but we are surely grateful they are all over when we need to have them. For numerous of us, their pretty existence offers us the convenience to carry on swimming, driving, and using our bikes, when we otherwise might believe two times.

Trade credit insurance coverage (TCI) is, to the worldwide financial system, a single of those people silent protectors. We can even go as considerably as calling it the silent motor of the financial system. TCI is employed to defend a company’s accounts receivable towards shoppers not able to

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