What can retirees do? | Vanguard

Elvera Bartels


Rebecca Katz: What kind of alterations would you imagine for the regular retiree?” So is there one thing they need to be carrying out in a different way?

Maria Bruno: Couple things that I would say is, a person, make certain that you have liquidity. You know, ordinarily when we converse about liquidity for persons who are functioning, it may possibly be on the reduced conclusion. It’s possible two months or a fifty percent a month well worth of paying out in income reserves for paying out variety shocks. If you’re a retiree, it may well make perception to have a tiny little bit extra of a buffer. Up to two yrs is almost certainly sensible. Everything extra than that is a possibility mainly because you’re not invested in the marketplace. Make certain you have that liquidity buffer as a paying out account to make certain that you can

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