Atos helps researchers and students to experiment with quantum algorithms by offering free, universal access to myQLM

Elvera Bartels

Paris, September 3, 2020

Atos, a international leader in electronic transformation, now supplies totally free, universal accessibility to myQLM, its plan providing researchers, college students and developers with quantum programming equipment. Launched in 2019 and initially reserved to Atos Quantum Understanding Machine (Atos QLM) customers, myQLM aims to democratize accessibility to quantum simulation and stimulate innovation in quantum computing. By allowing all researchers, college students and developers around the globe to download and use myQLM, Atos moves one phase additional ahead in its commitment to empower the quantum computing neighborhood.

Quantum computing has the likely to adjust the entire world as we know it by spurring breakthroughs in health care, environmental sustainability, industrial processes or finance. The current race to establish a commercially practical quantum laptop or computer has been instrumental in expanding awareness of the industry around the globe but the quantum revolution calls for far more than just

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