Vatican Pushes Against Growing Acceptance of Euthanasia

Elvera Bartels

ROME—The Vatican condemned the spreading worldwide acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide, such as in some traditionally Catholic nations in Europe, in a strongly worded document that reasserts regular instructing.

“Euthanasia is an act of murder that no end can justify and that does not tolerate any form of complicity or lively or passive collaboration,” the Vatican’s doctrinal office environment reported in a document released Tuesday and expressly accepted by Pope Francis. “It is gravely unjust to enact laws that legalize euthanasia or justify and guidance suicide, invoking a untrue ideal to decide on a death improperly characterized as respectable only due to the fact it is selected,” the document suggests.

Spain’s Parliament is considering a legislation that would make the place the fourth in Europe to legalize euthanasia, just after the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Legislators in neighboring Portugal are considering related proposals. In February, Germany’s highest court docket

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