Radicalism vs risk in the battle against corporate bureaucracy

Elvera Bartels

The admin-encrusted, top-weighty superstructure of contemporary enterprise would make a plump and attractive focus on. Gary Hamel, the motor-mouthed administration thinker, has been capturing at it for several years. But he is no mere iconoclast. He has also tried using to resolve the central problem of organisations — how to balance essential composition with artistic chaos — by means of initiatives these as his Management Lab, which will come up with collaborative methods to administration troubles.

“The regular medium-­ or massive-­scale organisation infantilises workforce, enforces dull conformity, and discourages entrepreneurship it wedges men and women into narrow roles, stymies particular growth, and treats human beings as mere means,” he and Management Lab co-founder Michele Zanini generate in Humanocracy, posted this year. Even sceptics will agree wholeheartedly with Laurence Peter, co-creator of The Peter Theory: “Bureaucracy defends the status quo very long earlier the time the quo has missing

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