Islamic State Bombing Kills at Least 65 People in Southern Afghanistan

Elvera Bartels

A intricate suicide attack on a Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan’s most important city of Kandahar killed at the very least 65 worshipers Friday, breaking two months of relative peace in the Taliban’s historic stronghold and highlighting the danger posed by a spreading presence of Islamic Condition.

Islamic Condition claimed obligation for the bombing on Saturday, saying two suicide bombers carried out the attack, according to a assertion verified by Web page Intelligence Group. It arrived a week immediately after yet another bombing by Islamic Condition killed some one hundred people at a Shiite mosque in the northern city of Kunduz. The extremist group’s regional affiliate, Islamic Condition – Khorasan Province, or ISKP, has repeatedly targeted Afghanistan’s Shiite minority in the latest months.

At the very least 65 people had been killed in the attack, according to a particular person who attended a burial ceremony for the victims on Saturday.

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