CFO Job-Hopping: How Much Is Too Much?

Elvera Bartels

Whilst executive recruiter David Arnold and the CEO of a superior-profile Silicon Valley organization ended up talking about the company’s CFO lookup, the CEO told Arnold, “If you mail me an individual who has had a ton of shorter stops, I’ll be skeptical.” That was a purple flag and her “number 1 pet peeve,” says Arnold, president of Arnold Partners, LLC.

Too shorter a tenure at also a lot of companies — task-hopping — brings occupation hazards like the concern cited by Arnold’s client. But how do you define how a lot is also a lot motion? And are the downsides sizeable?

The solution on how a lot is also a lot is subjective and can fluctuate from field to field. Organizational consulting business Korn Ferry studies the ordinary CFO tenure is several years, though the most current Crist|Kolder Associates Volatility Report sets it a little better, at 4.86

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