Iranian Hard-Liner Ebrahim Raisi Wins Presidency Amid Nuclear Talks

Elvera Bartels

TEHRAN—A tough-line Iranian judge opposed to the country’s outreach to the West won Iran’s presidential election, consolidating conservative handle more than the country’s politics, as Tehran attempts to revive an intercontinental nuclear accord that would free of charge the place of some U.S. sanctions.

Ebrahim Raisi been given 17.9 million votes, or about sixty two% of the ballots solid, according to Iran’s inside ministry.

Mr. Raisi’s main challenger,

Abdolnaser Hemmati,

the only reasonable candidate remaining in the race, been given about eight% of the vote.

Iran’s current president,

Hassan Rouhani,

frequented Mr. Raisi on Saturday to congratulate him on the victory.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, at lectern, and President-elect Ebrahim Raisi spoke to the media on Saturday.


formal presidential site/Reuters

Mr. Raisi’s victory was largely the outcome of a historically low turnout of 48.eight%—a signal of the divisions inside of Iranian society and a reflection of common discontent with

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