‘I feel left behind’: graduates struggle to secure good jobs

Elvera Bartels

For Felix, attempting to come across a task is a “complete grind”. The London-dependent graduate, who prefers to give only his very first title, suggests he is neglecting college work in purchase to publish protect letters and entire assessments. The “lack of feedback from the (numerous) rejections prospects to a quite vicious cycle. Generally corporations simply just blank you alternatively of a rejection e mail.” 

Immediately after he discovered standard routes proved annoying and unsuccessful, he focused on cold-emailing and at some point been given an offer. “[It] seems a sport of luck and quantities,” he suggests. “The graduate task current market is totally flooded, as is that of postgrad applications.”

Like other 2021 graduates, Felix is moving into a world-wide work opportunities current market wherever there are less alternatives and improved levels of competition. He was one of additional than 70 who provided detailed responses to a Monetary Times

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