The voyage of discoverIE Group PLC … back on course and full steam ahead

Elvera Bartels

dicoverIE targets underlying earnings per share growth of 10% a year and it was hitting these targets with room to spare until the pandemic altered things dramatically

DiscoverIE Group PLC has come a long way since it changed its name from Acal PLC in November 2017.

The name change signified the transformation of the group over the preceding years into a higher margin business focused on design and manufacturing.

The name stands for “discover innovative electronics” so it is not just a trendy mixed-case name designed to irritate journalists and grammar purists.

At the time of the name change, the company was valued at around £160mln; less than four years later it is close to being a billion-pound company, with a market capitalisation of £920mln.

It has done so by sticking to a well-established game plan of augmenting organic growth with value-enhancing acquisitions and for much of the time it

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