“Trained management professionals can better serve agri-business space”

Elvera Bartels

At a time when India’s farmers go through from losses due to minimal realisations and wastages, it is the deployment of modern day administration practices, which is observed addressing the existing shortcoming of the farm trade, believe that administration experts.

Highlighting the vital troubles of farmers’ plights such as minimized profits and exploitation by middlemen, agriculture economist Satish Deodhar expressed the require to rope in qualified gurus and administration experts to cater to this market industry of agri business enterprise and administration.

“If a farmer will get thirty paisa from a rupee for his make and the remaining full 70 paisa goes only to the trader margins, then it is inefficiency. But if this 70 paisa go for price-addition, then it is producing employment and extension pursuits such as price-addition. That eventually contributes to growing the farmers’ profits,” explained Deodhar, Chairperson of Put up-Graduate Programme in Foods and Agri-Organization Management

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