CFOs Battle Margin Pressures and Production Delays

Elvera Bartels

Robert Hartwig, College of South Carolina

Profits are slimmer for enterprises beset by a combination of stalled supply chains and better commodity selling prices. Delays in production schedules brought about by idled container ships off ports in California, blended with growing commodities selling prices, are dampening earnings in the retail, construction, and manufacturing industries, amid some others.

“It’s idiosyncratic by market, but it is reasonable to say that providers dependent on commodities are experiencing a sharp runup in selling prices and acute margin pressures,” claims Robert Hartwig, a professor of finance at the College of South Carolina’s Darla Moore Faculty of Enterprise.

Materials shortages and other supply chain deficiencies are a element, too. As a end result, some providers just can’t get commodities or finished products and solutions in time to satisfy desire, leaving them small of dollars flow and profits forecasts. Witness The Hole, which will reduce up to

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