AMA urges Supreme Court to uphold vaccination mandates

Elvera Bartels

Photo: Orbon Alija/Getty Images

The American Medical Association has added its voice in support of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court filed on December 30.

The AMA has urged the Supreme Court to reject recent challenges and preserve the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s emergency temporary standard for COVID-19 vaccination and testing for large businesses.

The Supreme Court will hold fast-tracked oral arguments over federal vaccine mandates in a special session on Friday, January 7. The justices will hear two cases: One concerns the mandate for workers at companies with100 or more employees to get vaccinated or get tested. The other federal mandate requires vaccinations for employees in healthcare facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding.

The AMA-led brief was joined by 15 medical organizations that promote widespread vaccination as the best evidence-based strategy to protect public health and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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