Agtech is here not to replace farmers, but make cultivation easier

As industries shift from survival manner to figuring out how to operate even though the pandemic proceeds, changing people with machines may possibly acquire tempo in the coming months.

But this is not the circumstance with the agriculture market. Agricultural technological know-how or agtech refers to the use of technological improvements in agriculture. This indicates that Agtech is not below to substitute people but to make farming simpler, to raise yield, effectiveness, and profitability for farmers.

Is Agritech adoption an problem?

Clearly, there is resistance observed among farmers and other gamers to undertake and accept technological know-how in existing procedures, even with the pandemic accelerating adoption of technological know-how in the market.

Weak IT infrastructure, absence of recognition and have faith in toward technology—and the concern of becoming replaced by technological know-how — are prominent explanations for technophobia in India.

So, to make the ideal of Agritech, it is vital for farmers and all other gamers of the agricultural ecosystem to know that ‘technology is a friend and not a foe.’

Farmer’s capabilities and practical experience put together with technological know-how can be utilised for much better yields and greater earnings. Agritech can aid address agony factors at every single stage of the stop-to-stop agricultural lifecycle.

Listed here we checklist some of the use circumstances of Agritech, which can probably improve the agricultural landscape.

Soil health and fitness & seed quality

Agritech can aid make improvements to over-all soil quality. Deploying systems like infrared spectroscopy, unmanned aerial vehicles, generally recognized as drones, put together with analytical models can give much better knowing about the fertility ,variety, suitability, organic and natural make a difference and pH degree of soil.

Commonly, seeds are purchased based on judgement of farmers and term of mouth by sellers. On the other hand, non-invasive seed systems can facilitate farmers to establish the quality of seed accurately— and crank out improved seeds that can tolerate stresses like drought (less availability of drinking water), salinity (soil with additional salt), pests, ailments etcetera.

Agritech will help farmers in much better and educated decision producing about soil and crop blend. Eventually, transparency and food quality will raise, which will profit stop shoppers as properly as give greater returns to farmers.

Weather Adjust

Altering weather is a nest to unpredictable weather conditions, and atmospheric disorders that make it difficult to rely exclusively on classic agricultural know-how. This affects crops adversely and, in the end, farmers are the kinds to bear the losses.

Technologies can support farmers by analysing the weather conditions condition in progress, and offer correct information for cultivation of crops which are versatile to weather improvements. In addition, technological know-how allows crops to experienced early, in purchase to reduced farmers’ exposure to risk of severe weather conditions situations.

Agricultural market also adversely affects weather improve by contributing to yearly greenhouse fuel emission. Agritech can aid lessen the want for pesticide, consequently reducing carbon emission.

Electric power of Facts Technologies

Facts and patterns are everywhere you go and when put to correct use it can do wonders. Conquering present agricultural difficulties, will open up new doorways for advancement and innovation.

AI backed knowledge models can be utilised to innovate and forecast patterns that can improve the face of the agricultural market for good. Facts centers can join the otherwise scattered agricultural ecosystem.

Big knowledge can give in-depth insights into parts these types of as how distinctive parts of their land behave by the seasons, the granular effectiveness of their precise farming practices, and where by environmental impact can be lowered, to identify a number of.


Food stuff stability & quality

Agtech can address world food stability and wastage concerns. About 67 million tonnes of food is squandered in India every single yr. The greater part of this can be attributed to weak quality handle and substandard packing and storage facilities.

Agritech can provide packaging and storage systems that can aid raise the existence of perishable food and protect it right until it finds a industry.

Regular lab-based testing procedures of fruits and veggies are gradual, destructive and seriously reliant on human resources. Food stuff is squandered as testing is carried out by chopping fruits and veggies, nonetheless, it rots till the time consignments reach the labs.

Agtech has appear up with speedy, non-destructive, and precise testing methodologies. Handheld gadgets can aid measure food safety in phrases of dietary benefit, humidity and sugar content material, acidity, and soluble solids.

At instances merchants/buyers do not concur with farmers’ evaluation of product’s shelf existence, this qualified prospects to disconnect and disagreement on rates.

Aspects like ripeness, uniformity, firmness, and freshness and shelf existence can be precisely calculated applying digital gadgets. Top quality reports from these gadgets can give farmers bargaining ability to negotiate in the industry which otherwise is difficult for them to have.

These gadgets are simple to use and are related to software that offer recommendations and traceability which may possibly be used to prevail over most of the destructive testing drawbacks.



Agriculture is the major source of food and by extension, existence. It is necessary to make the most of out there technological resources to enhance agriculture and its major gamers.

As we shift toward a world where by we want to feed additional mouths additional competently, additional sustainably and beneath additional capricious disorders, we will want the aid of technological know-how to flourish. Technology’s major intention is not to just take careers but to make careers simpler and also create new kinds in the approach.

(The author is is the Co-Founder & CEO of InfyU Labs, an emerging agritech startup)