Volume falls at tea auctions in Coonoor

Elvera Bartels

A volume of 14.forty lakh kg has been catalogued for sale 22 of the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association to be held on Thursday and Friday.

This is as a great deal as two.42 lakh kg considerably less than the volume made available for the former sale.

Of the 14.forty lakh kg made available, as a great deal as 13.20 lakh kg belongs to CTC wide range and only one.20 lakh kg orthodox wide range. In the leaf counter, only 72,000 kg belongs to Orthodox, although 9.eighteen lakh kg belongs to CTC. Between the dusts, only 48,000 kg belongs to orthodox although four.02 lakh kg, CTC. In all, 9.ninety lakh kg belongs to Leaf grades and four.fifty lakh kg, Dust grades.

Quotations with the brokers indicated ₹70-80 a kg for plain Leaf grades and ₹150-172 for the finest grades. For plain Dust grades, they ranged ₹63-seventy three and for

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