A midyear update to our 2021 economic outlook

Elvera Bartels

Economic recoveries from the COVID-19 pandemic have been rapid and outstanding. This video highlights our sights on international economies and how they’ve altered considering the fact that the begin of 2021.

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In our 2021 financial and current market outlook, Vanguard discussed the critical nature of COVID-19 wellness outcomes. We assumed that an successful vaccine would arise, but we emphasized that recovery would change across industries and regions.

Economic recoveries have been rapid and outstanding, as we foreshadowed, primarily where by vaccinations have arrived at the most individuals.

Our revised full-year GDP expansion forecasts replicate how considerably we have climbed back from pandemic depths. Several are upgrades from the begin of 2021, and a couple are downgrades, reflecting the challenges ahead and a large range of prospective outcomes.

Demand for goods and solutions is soaring as economies reopen,

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