Climate change and financial statements

Auditors increasingly have to have to think about how weather challenges such as weather conditions situations, and the difficulties of transitioning to internet-zero, could have an effects on financial statements. Lesley Meall shares some important thoughts and recommendations from auditors, regulators, typical-setters and ICAEW.&#13

We have all completed our little bit to lead to climate change, and we ought to all do our bit to curtail it. The good thing is, numerous accountants are able to make a big difference each personally and professionally. “As reliable advisers to all sorts of companies, we are perfectly positioned to travel the sustainability agenda and flip the ambition of a minimal-carbon world into a actuality,” states ICAEW’s CEO Michael Izza.climate change

ICAEW has been actively pursuing this ambition for some a long time by getting a lead on its journey to carbon neutrality collaborating on initiatives this kind of as the Experienced Bodies Local weather Action Constitution and offering members with a specialist ‘Climate Hub’ of methods, details and inspiration.