Comparison with  Junglescout or Viral Launch : Things you should know 

Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout: 15 Similarities and Differences Between 2  Ecommerce Research Tools - Social Crawlytics

Is Junglescout or Viral Launch unclear to you? You are in the right place to get your questions answered. Viral Launch and Jungle Scout are two distinctive solutions created especially for Amazon sellers. These tools give you all the resources you need to grow your FBA business. Both of these solutions come completely loaded with features, from product research to PPC Automation. 

Strong product concept research engines in Viral Launch and Jungle Scout trawl through the full Amazon database. Similar to Jungle Scout’s Product Database, Viral Launch’s Product Discovery searches through everything to present the most potential product possibilities based on your specified criteria. 

Viral Launch offers the Market Intelligence tool for market study, whereas Jungle Scout offers the Niche Hunter. The latter is somewhat successful in locating attractive niche prospects, although in some areas it falls short of Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence’s breadth. More information about various product markets is generated by Viral Launch to aid users in making more calculated choices.

A brief summary of Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch

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For whom is Jungle Scout ideal?

  • The best option between the two is Jungle Scout if you want to spend less money and only need the necessities to operate your FBA business.
  • The greatest choice for beginning Amazon sellers is Jungle Scout.
  • Jungle Scout is the best option if you want a user-friendly product research tool. Quick Comparison of Viral Launch and Jungle Scout

Viral Launch is most useful for:

  • Viral Launch is your best option if you’re a seasoned Amazon seller who needs access to cutting-edge tools to sell on Amazon.
  • Viral Launch is a good option because it excels at identifying winning items and smoothly launching them.

When it comes to data mining, Viral Launch surpasses Jungle Scout.

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch include data mining tools. Finding the best products for your FBA business is made easier with its assistance.

Viral Launch is the greatest solution if you want better metrics for your products because it gives you both data metrics and micro metrics. You will receive the best seller rank (BSR), unit margin, and an average rating of the products.

The Chrome extension for Jungle Scout is considerably easier to use for beginners.

Although both of these programs provide Chrome extensions to conduct research while on the move, Jungle Scout’s user interface is quite slick. You may browse and research profitable products with the Jungle Scout Chrome extension without visiting the dashboard. All the trustworthy metrics, including opportunity scores, listing quality, BSR rankings, and historical sales, will be provided. While the Viral Launch Chrome extension offers the same amount of product information as Jungle Scout, it is significantly more difficult to use. The user interface for Jungle Scout is easy to use. The dashboard has all the features organized and conveniently accessible.

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