Five Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dog His Own Bed

Elvera Bartels

The significant effects on your dog with the option of a dog bed, to help sustain boundaries but a caring and safe environment between you and your beloved pet.

Prevent Behavioural Issues

As cute as having your dog lying beside you in bed or the couch as it may be, it is never a bright idea. You may think that he does this because he is a sweet and affectionate pooch, but you will soon discover that it is entirely due to a different reason. Your pet may love your bed because he finds it very comfortable and the perfect place for him to rest. You allow him to do this, and he soon takes over your bed. Soon your lovable dog will start growling at you whenever you order him to get off your bed, especially when he already identifies it as his rightful area for sleeping and resting.

Promote Better Health

If your dog is a good boy and does not turn your bed into his favourite spot, then he deserves belly rubs and treats. He also does need a comfortable alternative area for resting. That does not mean that you get your pet old blankets and tired pillows. The dog may not entirely know the difference and will gladly wag his tail to show his appreciation. However, such things can harm the dog’s health, especially if they offer him limited space for his to turn and sleep. Uneven or hard surfaces are uncomfortable and will most likely have him tossing and having an erratic sleep that makes him irritable. The disturbed sleep or the lack thereof can significantly affect your pet’s posture and overall health and well being.

Keep Him Warm

Do not assume that the lovely jacket or blanket you bought for your adorable canine companion is enough to guard him against the chilly nights. Your dog needs to rest in a warm and comfortable bed where he is snug as a bug during those cold days. Do not let him sleep on the floor during the cold seasons because the chilly temperatures can make him fall ill. Therefore, ensure your pet has enough insulation from the cold. Something such as a self-warming dog bed can be an excellent gift for him to keep him toasty and safe. In addition, ensure the bed is cool enough to keep your dog feeling refreshed during the days when the climate is hot.

Preserve Your Furniture

Every dog will circle severally and then do some bit of burrowing or kneading before settling on the spot they want to lay down on and sleep. You do not want your pet doing this on your favourite couch or rug. He most likely will leave his signature – that can be dander or fur – that is hard to get rid when you vacuum. So, get him a comfortable bed that will make not find your furniture appealing. After all, you should not blame home for doing what comes naturally to him!

His Own Special Place

Dogs to enjoy have some private time away from noisy guests, playful kids, and the unfriendly housemate cat. The dog loves to sleep and can do this for more than ten hours a day. Also, remember that they are territorial and value their space and possessions. That is why you should get your lovable canine companion a cosy place to enjoy some downtime rather than having to lay on the sofa or bed only to be chased off it or to compete with the cat. Get him a bed and place it in an area where he can peacefully retreat for a short while at his discretion. An option is a luxury dog bed.


Getting the dog a bed is an act of love for your pet; it is not a display of wastage of money if you consider your dog part of the family. Therefore, getting him a bed is a necessity that only real do parents can understand and appreciate.

The bed is more than some random soft, comfortable, square thing you gift you do. It is something that will see your dog has some privacy and security. Moreover, it does play a vital role in promoting the health and well being of your canine companion. That is why you should ensure the bed you get your pet dog offers adequate insulation, ample joint and weight support, and well as optimum warmth and comfort.

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