FT Executive MBA Ranking 2021: methodology and key

This is the twenty first version of the FT’s annual rating of the world’s prime a hundred government MBA programmes for senior performing administrators.

Participation in the rating is voluntary and at the enterprise school’s ask for. EMBA programmes should meet certain standards to be eligible. Initially the faculty should be accredited by either the US’s Association to Progress Collegiate Educational institutions of Business enterprise or Europe’s Equis. The EMBA should be cohort-primarily based, with pupils enrolling and graduating with each other, and with at least 30 graduates every 12 months.

A full of 136 programmes took portion in the 2021 rating system, which include 14 joint programmes sent by extra than one faculty. Two new universities function in our desk — Moscow’s Skolkovo at 58 and Zhejiang at 65.

Info for the rating are collected utilizing two on the net surveys, the 1st concluded by participating universities and the 2nd by alumni who concluded programmes in 2018. For a faculty to be eligible for the rankings, at least 20 per cent of its alumni should respond to the FT survey, with a minimum of 20 responses. Because of to the Covid-19 crisis, this 12 months, the FT viewed as universities with a reduced reaction rate. About 4,770 alumni concluded the survey — an all round reaction rate of all-around 47 per cent.

FT Government MBA rating 2021 — prime a hundred

Miami Herbert Business enterprise College

Discover out which universities are in our rating of EMBA degrees.

Alumni responses tell 5 rating standards: wage today, wage enhance, job progress, perform practical experience and aims reached. Collectively they account for 55 per cent of the ranking’s weight. The 1st two standards about alumni salaries every count for 20 per cent.

Salaries of non-earnings and community sector personnel, as perfectly as full-time pupils, are removed. Remaining salaries are converted to US bucks utilizing the most up-to-date purchasing ability parity (PPP) charges equipped by the Intercontinental Financial Fund. The maximum and cheapest salaries are then removed and the indicate average “current salary” is calculated for every faculty. Wage enhance is calculated according to the big difference in average wage prior to the EMBA to 3 years after completion. 50 percent of the rating weight is utilized to the complete enhance and the other fifty percent to the share enhance relative to pre-EMBA shell out.

When obtainable, alumni standards are informed by the previous 3 surveys. Responses from the 2021 survey carry fifty per cent of the full weight and these from 2020 and 2019 every account for 25 per cent. Excluding wage-related standards, if only two years of information are obtainable, the weighting is break up sixty:forty if information are from 2021 and 2020, or 70:30 if from 2021 and 2019. For wage figures, the weighting is fifty:fifty for two years’ information, to prevent inflation-related distortions.

Information and facts supplied by the enterprise universities informs ten standards that collectively account for 35 per cent of the last rating. The ESG class is primarily based on the proportion of main courses devoted to environmental, social and governance difficulties. It carries a weight of three per cent.

The weight of the college and student gender diversity is 4 per cent every. For these gender diversity standards, universities with a fifty:fifty (male: female) composition acquire the maximum score.

The worldwide diversity calculation is primarily based on the all round share of pupils and college from overseas as perfectly as the distribute of these persons by citizenship primarily based on the Herfindahl index, a evaluate of focus.

The last criterion, the FT analysis rank, accounts for ten per cent of the rating. It is calculated according to the variety of articles or blog posts printed by schools’ full-time college in fifty internationally recognised academic and practitioner journals. The rank brings together the complete variety of publications from January 2018 and all-around May possibly 2021 with the variety of publications weighted relative to the faculty’s dimensions.

The FT rankings are relative. Educational institutions are rated against every other alternatively than against set specifications. The FT calculates the Z-scores for every criterion. (Z-scores demonstrate how far a school’s information is from the indicate and are unitless, so they make it possible for the rating to be primarily based on pretty various standards — wage, percentages and details.) These scores are then weighted as outlined in the rating key and included with each other for a last score.

Right after eradicating the universities that did not meet the minimum reaction rate from their alumni, a 1st version is calculated utilizing all remaining universities. The faculty at the bottom is removed and a 2nd version is calculated. This action is recurring to uncover the prime a hundred.

Judith Pizer of Pizer-MacMillan acted as the FT’s databases consultant.

The FT analysis rank was calculated utilizing Clarivate information covering fifty journals picked by FT from the World wide web of Science, an summary and quotation databases of analysis literature.

Weights for rating standards are shown in brackets as a share.

Wage today US$ (20): average alumnus wage 3 years after completion, US$ PPP equivalent.†

Wage enhance (20): average big difference in alumni salaries among prior to the EMBA and now. 50 percent of this figure is calculated according to the complete wage enhance, and fifty percent according to the share enhance relative to the pre-EMBA wage – the figure printed in the desk. †

Professions progress (five): calculated according to variations in the amount of seniority and the dimensions of enterprise alumni perform in now, compared to prior to their EMBA.†

Work practical experience (five): a evaluate of the pre-EMBA practical experience of alumni according to the seniority of positions held, variety of years in every posture, organisation dimensions and abroad perform practical experience.†

Aims reached (five): the extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or good reasons for carrying out an EMBA.†

Woman college (4): share of female college. ††

Woman pupils (4): share of female pupils on the programme. ††

Girls on board (one): share of female associates of the advisory board. ††

Intercontinental college (five): calculated according to the diversity of college by citizenship and the share whose citizenship differs from their area of work – the printed figure.

Intercontinental pupils (five): the share of latest EMBA pupils whose citizenship differs from the area in which they research, or where by the school’s most important campus is situated, as perfectly as their diversity by citizenship.

Intercontinental board (two): share of the board whose citizenship differs from the area in which the enterprise faculty is situated.

Intercontinental program practical experience (five): share of classroom teaching hrs that had been executed exterior the area in which the enterprise faculty is situated for the finishing EMBA classes from 2018 to 2021 if obtainable. An average calculation was taken from the 2021 survey, if information had been obtainable for needed abroad teaching sessions, in addition the previous two years’ worldwide program practical experience information (from the 2020 and 2019 surveys). Virtual encounters had been not bundled. Because of to vacation constraints prompted by the pandemic, some universities had been not able to give recent information for this class. If you are a potential student, please call the faculty to check out if they are ready to supply classes abroad. †

More languages (one): the variety of languages needed on graduation, excluding English. * Programme not thoroughly obtainable in English.

Faculty with doctorates (five): share of full-time college with a doctoral degree.

FT analysis rank (ten): calculated according to the variety of articles or blog posts printed by a school’s latest full-time college associates in fifty academic and practitioner journals among January 2018 and all-around May possibly 2021. The rank brings together the complete variety of publications with the variety weighted relative to the faculty’s dimensions.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) rank (three): proportion of main courses devoted to moral, social and environmental difficulties for the latest and recent finishing course. Because of to the pandemic, some universities do not have a latest course, therefore information was taken from their recent finishing course only.

General gratification: average evaluation by alumni of the program, scored out of ten. Right after alumni answered numerous queries about their EMBA practical experience, they had been requested to rate their all round gratification, on a ten-stage scale.

FT rating tier: universities are divided into four teams. Educational institutions at the prime are in tier one and
these at the stop are in tier four.

† Incorporates information for the latest 12 months and the one or two preceding years where by obtainable.

†† For the 3 gender-related standards, universities that have fifty:fifty (male:female) composition acquire the maximum doable score.