Kharif and rabi seasons rechristened as Vanakalam and Yasangi in Telangana

Kharif and rabi, the frequent names for monsoon and summertime crops throughout the state, will now be termed ‘Vanakalam’ (rainy season) and Yasangi (summertime) seasons in Telangana.

TheTelangana Government has made the decision to rechristen the names of the agricultural seasons, buying the well-known Telugu names ‘Vanakalam’ and ‘Yasangi’. Though the two names are well-known amid the farmers, the official nomenclature of kharif and rabi are being made use of in the official communications, agricultural motion strategies, agricultural tutorial and study institutes. The governing administration has made the decision to modify the names in purchase to remove the confusion, and make it simpler for the farmers and ground-level extension officers to converse with one particular a further.

All the governing administration references in gazettes, governing administration orders, and departmental documents to the two seasons will be in Telugu.

“Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao required us to use the well-known Telugu names for the two seasons. It is in their lingo,” Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy has reported.

The Ministry has issued orders to the Agriculture Department in this regard. All the academic and study institutes in agriculture and allied locations have also been directed to use the new names for the agri seasons from this monsoon season by itself.