Naming a Consulting Firm

Naming a Consulting Firm

With the economic climate on the skids, a lot of experienced mid and upper degree experts are striking out on their possess, leveraging their skills to construct their individual upcoming and handle their own future. For lots of of these aspiring business owners, creating a powerful brand identify is new territory, a entire and utter mystery. They know it is really an vital section of the equation, and they might have even had a comprehensive time promoting section at their earlier company. But now it is really “do-it-you-time,” and there is a dearth of information and facts on how to brand name a new consulting corporation productively. Concern no more. The 1st move in branding a consulting corporation is to know your goals. Listed here are four essential questions to explain your aims…

1. Do you want your business identify to stand out, or in shape in? This may well feel like a trick issue, but there is not a right or incorrect remedy. Some new consultants are so concerned with attaining acceptance in their sector, they are substantially a lot more relaxed with a name that sounds set up and credible, right from the outset. If that’s the case, test on the lookout up a list of other people in your field on web sites these kinds of as You will then acquire a feeling of the nomenclature utilized in your industry. You may possibly be ready to emulate the sense, considerably like other industries have accomplished (i.e. Microsoft’s Outlook, Apple’s Safari, Netscape’s Navigator, etcetera.) If want to achieve discover, then do just the reverse. Seem at the company names in your field and use interpretive naming strategies. For example, if practically all people in your class uses correct names (sometimes identified as “legacy” names) then go with a metaphor (i.e. Jaguar, Caterpillar, Amazon, Monster, and so forth.) to express your company’s attributes. Or check out positive connotation terms to develop an completely new id (i.e. RedHat, OnStar, FireDog, and so forth.) Just make positive you have a rationale that can clarify why you chose that name, and one particular that prospects to a deeper dialog about your company.

2. Have you explored all the options? Frequently, new business homeowners turn out to be disappointed and discouraged when naming their new companies, only since they have tried only a person or two naming strategies. Quite a few periods they’ve created a record of literal/functional names, (i.e. Tailor made Program Consulting) only to come across the area names are gone. Or they have tried some evident metaphors (i.e. Summit, Pinnacle, and so on.) and found dozens of organizations with equivalent names. The trick is to hire many techniques. These include things like…

* Vital characteristics — For an example, we named one staffing business based on their motivation to attract the most clever candidates. You can see this used with business names these types of as SirSpeedy, EconoLodge, Priceline and Wise Cuts. Is there an overarching gain you give that you can include into your identify?

* Invented names — This is a preferred with consultants but proceed with caution. It can be quick to get caught up in with the chase of a new identify and gradual twist the spelling and information until eventually it is really unintelligible. It can be okay to use Latin term areas and obscure references if the name can even now be spoken and spelled easily. Little firms have the gain of conveying aspect of the manufacturer concept in man or woman, more than the cell phone, or at a trade meeting. But you should not thrust it. If you uncover you having to frequently spell or accurate the spelling, then it truly is a miss. And retain in mind the name can be invented and nonetheless have a feeling of that means. We named one enterprise Claricent, simply because they were being capable to supply obvious insight and path to their customer base. So you can nevertheless convey an attribute, even in an invented name. (i.e Verizon = Horizon, Agilent =Agile, and so on.)

* Descriptive Hybrid Names — These names incorporate an field descriptor phrase and marry it with an evocative term. Illustrations consist of firms this sort of as Emisstar, consultants in the emissions command market. Major brand illustrations contain JetBlue and CarMax. If you use this strategy, just be absolutely sure that your market descriptor is one that will never change around time.

* Metaphors — Due to the fact the proverbial “photo paints a thousand words”, then metaphors are a great way to convey many corporation characteristics with a one image. FourBridges Money, for illustration, expresses this expenditure banking firm’s means to “bridge the gap” and “join business with capital,” etcetera. With four main associates and four significant bridges in Chattanooga, TN, the story gains even additional traction.

3. Have you prioritized your wants? Starting off a new consultancy delivers a stunning blank web site upon which to craft your story. Just take time to decide what is most essential in that story.

* Do you want a name that’s unforgettable?
* Do you want a title that is simple to say and spell?
* Are you most anxious with trademark?

* Are you adamant that to have the specific domain identify? Determine out the critical driver(s) powering your naming obstacle, so that when you come down to a remaining checklist, you can appear back and decide the a single that satisfies your top criteria. Usually the approach can get foggy and unfocused immediately after a extended lookup for a name, and all the words and phrases start out sounding alike. So be sure you know what you want in advance of you start off. That way it will aid you when it really is 3 a.m., your eyes get started to cross, and your wife or husband no lengthier desires to be your sounding board.

4. Are you seeing the major picture? — Generate a shorter listing of your beloved names, and then take a look at them out. Make guaranteed you decide on folks who are either in your opportunity market, or who have an understanding of good branding. Instead than randomly tossing names all-around, create some context for each name, so that when the identify is explained, it falls into area. You may perhaps even want to devote in some swift symbol treatment options to assist visualize the brand name. Numerous important brand name names would ring hallow if only spoken. Choose the complete package… title, tough tagline, sketch of brand, to get the actual really feel. A consulting name these as BearingPoint gains traction as soon as it has a emblem, tag line, and a story line. Make a decision if you want to fit in or stand out, make use of several naming techniques, prioritize your “wants” list, and test your ideas, and you’ll be properly on your way to a fantastic consulting business brand name name. When you make your assortment, be confident to run it by your trademark attorney and to obtain the matching, or intently matching, com domain identify. Proceed to combine your model information all through your internet web-site, corporate identification, collateral supplies and promotion to even further reinforce your presence. If done correctly, you will have a company name that serves you well, the two now and for years to arrive.

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