Q1 farm exports up 44% at $4.8-billion

Creating on previous year’s robust expansion, exports of agri-products and solutions underneath the portfolio of Agricultural and Processed Foodstuff Export Improvement Authority (APEDA) registered a 44 per cent maximize in the first quarter of present monetary year on bigger abroad desire. This is notwithstanding issues this sort of as the offer chain problems induced by the Covid second wave induced lockdown throughout April and May perhaps throughout the country and bigger freight premiums.

In accordance to rapid estimates, exports of farm products and solutions monitored by the APEDA touched $four.817 billion throughout April-June 2021 as opposed with $three.338 billion in the similar period of time a year back.

Shipments of rice — basmati and non-basmati — grew 25 per cent at $two.398 billion versus $1.914 billion in the year-back period of time . Rice is the premier merchandise in APEDA’s portfolio. Aspects of the rice volumes delivered throughout the quarter ended up not offered, even though desire continues to be robust for the cereal.


Cereals and livestock

Other cereals, such as wheat and maize, registered a whopping 415 per cent maximize throughout the quarter. Exports of other cereals stood at $235.three million as opposed with $44.nine million in the first quarter previous year, APEDA said.

Exports of livestock products and solutions, such as meat, dairy and poultry, obtained 111.5 per cent throughout the quarter topping the $1-billion mark.

The price of livestock products and solutions throughout the quarter stood at $1.022 billion as opposed with $483.three billion in the year-back period of time. Cereal preparations and miscellaneous processed products and solutions registered sixty nine.6 per cent expansion to exceed the half a billion mark throughout the critique period of time. Exports of cereal preparing and other processed merchandise stood at $527.7 million versus $311.1 million.

Fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetable exports enhanced by nine.1 per cent to $637 million in the first quarter as opposed with $584.5 million in the similar period of time a year back.

All through the previous fiscal, exports of APEDA products and solutions enhanced by 25 per cent to $19.ninety six billion on robust expansion in shipments of products and solutions this sort of as rice and wheat.