Religion And The No List Virus

Religion And The No List Virus

The No Listing Virus is spreading speedily at retail retail outlet test out counters across the country. Prevalent responses to client thoughts by retailer clerks are a observe:

1. No, you can not use that coupon. It has expired.

2. No, that item is not on sale. I will not care what the retail outlet flyer suggests.

3. No, we don’t carry that below.

4. No, we are not able to purchase it for you.

5. No, you can’t get significantly less than a pound.

6. No, the manager is not available.

7. No, you cannot have 2 flavors of ice cream in the tiny cup.

8. No, I can not do that.

9. No, I would not do that.

10. No, you are not able to substitute a person item for yet another.

My fellow Us residents, I beseech you, is this any way to operate a state? What ever took place to shopper service? What ever transpired to faith in our fellow guy or girl? What ever took place to the Of course Listing? What ever happened to Gods commandments to be kind and caring?

Of course List items that have been excluded contain:

1. Yes, I would appreciate to carry your offers to the motor vehicle.

2. Yes, I can assist you find that.

3. Sure, I can sell you fifty percent a loaf.

4. Sure, we can purchase that in your dimension for you.

5. Yes, you can have 2 flavors of ice product in the small cup.

6. Sure, The supervisor will be appropriate with you.

7. Yes, you can substitute that merchandise for the other just one.

8. Certainly, you can buy fewer than a pound.

9. Yes, you can use that coupon even while the expiration day was previous week.

10. Of course, I will be content to do that for you.

Corporate Gurus wake up. In which is your religion in your consumers? Wherever is your shopper service? How about producing the world a friendlier put to stay in? In which is your religion in God?

As you can see, I have been having some complications in retail stores recently, how about you? How about getting a little kinder when it is really your change to say yes or no? How about getting a small faith in your fellow person or woman? You do want to be viewed as a man or woman of faith, never you?

Please aid us get rid of the No Listing Virus. How about a return to civility? The entire world may well be seeing. It is not just the overhead cameras in retail retailers that you have to fear about, God may perhaps be viewing far too.

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