Remotely Successful?: The Quiz – CFO

Not too several months after the COVID-19 pandemic’s onset, executives called the shift to operating from dwelling a enhance to productiveness.

Regardless of whether or not it is useful to personnel in the lengthy time period is an unsettled problem. Even though remote operating allows personnel to do far more “deep work,” it can also direct to personnel emotion disconnected. Get our quiz on some of the research conclusions and situation bordering this hotly debated problem.

one. The finance and insurance policies industries have the optimum possible for effective remote work versions, suggests McKinsey. Of the subsequent sectors, which has the lowest possible for remote work?
A. Real estate
B. Wholesale trade
C. Utilities
D. Wellness care and social help

two. Handful of U.S. executives feel company cultures will survive an all-remote work set up. In one particular study, a plurality of executives reported that to hold a strong tradition, personnel want to be in the place of work how normally?
A. Two times for every 7 days
B. A few times for every 7 days
C. Four times for every 7 days
D. One particular to three times for every thirty day period

three. In a Willis Towers Watson study of North American businesses, what share noted that compensation would be centered on remote workers’ site for all work opportunities?
A. forty two%
B. 19%
C. 26%
D. sixty five%

4. Which of the subsequent corporations has mentioned that it will enable all personnel work from dwelling completely?
A. Dropbox
B. Salesforce
C. Microsoft
D. Fb

5. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has called remote work an “aberration.” Which working experience for the duration of the past calendar year would seem to have significantly irked the higher-profile banking government?
A. A two-hour-lengthy Slack outage for the duration of which he was not able to attain the CFO
B. Running into junior bankers possessing a midday lunch in the Hamptons
C. Getting into the company’s New York headquarters and locating it vacant
D. Running into a senior banker on a weekday whilst hiking

six. Which FAANG corporation not too long ago declared that personnel have to be again in offices by September one except if they
formally implement for an exception?
A. Google
B. Apple
C. Fb
D. Netflix

7. In accordance to one particular movie technologies corporation, remote personnel are operating how several more several hours for every thirty day period?
A. 8
B. fifteen
C. 26
D. thirty

8. A Nielsen research observed that about half of remote personnel have performed what whilst operating for the duration of organization several hours?
A. Go through the newspaper
B. Cooked a food
C. Operate on a treadmill
D. Viewed television

Answers: one-D two-B three-C 4-A 5-B six-A 7-C 8-D

Sources: McKinsey, PwC, Willis Towers Watson, Bloomberg

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