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While details technologies have opened up new business enterprise options, they have also still left businesses exposed to new threats. Smaller businesses in distinct are usually ill-organized to defend versus cyberattacks. An EU-funded venture has formulated new equipment to enable businesses, and by extension citizens, safeguard themselves much better and have designed these readily available on an effortless-to-use system.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined, like hardly ever right before, the world wide economy’s escalating dependence on Data Technologies (IT). Companies of all dimensions and across all sectors count on IT options to carry out everyday functions and interact with suppliers and shoppers.

This signifies nonetheless that when cybersecurity incidents arise, key economic injury can be inflicted. Cyberattacks also undermine the rely on of citizens and enterprises in our burgeoning digital society.

“The on the web theft of business trade strategies, business enterprise details and private info, and the disruption of products and services – all these incidents outcome in economic losses,” clarifies FORTIKA venture coordinator Anastasios Drosou, senior researcher at the Centre for Research & Engineering Hellas (CERTH) in Greece. “The approximated cost of cybercrime to the world wide overall economy was claimed to be more than EUR 775 billion a yr. Cybersecurity threats can also have really serious penalties for citizens’ basic rights, this kind of as privacy.”

Solid cybersecurity equipment

The FORTIKA venture was released with the unique purpose of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to tackle this threat. Smaller businesses tend to have restricted resources, and usually lack in-house skills. “We know that the vulnerability of a company to cyberattacks is inversely proportional to their sizing,” claims Drosou. “SMEs are usually inadequately organized to defend themselves and their digital assets, and to safeguard their clients’ info and privacy.”

The venture consortium established about producing equipment specially for SME requires. Cybersecurity products and services run by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for instance have been formulated to have out threat identification and mitigation. The venture also evaluated the lawful and moral aspects of cybersecurity safety and incorporated these elements into their proposed technological options.

“The FORTIKA AI device for instance ‘watches’ a company’s community, identifies any threats and initiates countermeasures if needed,” provides Drosou. “Services like this can be effortlessly deployed by using an inexpensive components device identified as the FORTIKA Gateway, which is installed by the SMEs themselves.”

A crucial edge of the Gateway device is that it implements a novel components-based know-how recognized as ‘Edge Acceleration’. Edge Acceleration exploits Edge Computing (i.e. computing carried out at or in close proximity to the source of the info), enabling SMEs to obtain higher degrees of computing power competently and affordably.

A Protection Data and Event Management (SIEM) element has also been formulated. This customisable and really interactive visible interface delivers conclude people a helpful, effortlessly understandable and comprehensive genuine-time look at of their assets, safety standing and ongoing mitigation functions.

Cybersecurity marketplace

An additional crucial results of the venture has been the progress of an ground breaking system. The FORTIKA marketplace, as it is identified as, offers SMEs obtain to improvements formulated both inside of the venture and by third parties. This 1-quit store allows businesses to look for for, choose and down load the cybersecurity options they want. “An purpose of the FORTIKA marketplace is to orientate small business enterprise people in the direction of trustworthy cybersecurity products and services,” claims Drosou.

“The marketplace is not just a signifies of at some point advertising the cybersecurity equipment that have been formulated by the FORTIKA consortium. It is an open up system, where by a array of cybersecurity products and services can be marketed to SMEs throughout the world. By giving SMEs obtain to higher-stage cybersecurity at minimal cost, and with minimum hard work, they will then be capable to focus their restricted resources on their core functions and thrive.”

Strengthening the resilience of small businesses – which type the backbone of Europe’s overall economy – also signifies providing some a lot-needed self-confidence at a time of world wide uncertainty. The eventual commercialisation of FORTIKA’s proposed options – and the launch of the marketplace – will also enable to create new employment options in the European cybersecurity field and exploration fields.

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