Atos Urban Data Platform to accelerate smart cities

Elvera Bartels

Paris, France – July 7, 2021,

At its annual ‘Atos Engineering Days’ party, Atos right now offers its option framework “Atos City Data Platform” which aims to make intelligent metropolitan areas a actuality by supporting governments in their mission to provide intelligent integrated services to their citizens, guests, and financial associates. This state-of-the-art system permits a city to benefit from the mixture of all details created by a broad ecosystem of intelligent city services, applications, and intelligent devices. It manages and publishes details across the city’s operational parts – giving a solitary safe accessibility stage and monitoring dashboards for all details-pushed services.

The Atos City Data Platform is underpinned by the structure ideas of the Atos Digital Hub, also declared right now. It is centered on open up resource technologies and gives stability and details privateness principles on details capture, storage and accessibility. It functions as the spine

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