Why Covid has made sugarcane sweet, and grapes sour, for Maharashtra farmers

Elvera Bartels


About 10 many years ago, when Dada Jadhav made a decision to change from sugarcane to grape cultivation on his two-acre land, he was hoping to earn handsome cash. He invested about ₹6 lakh in the first section to elevate infrastructure, which include drip irrigation. However, grape by no means turned sweet for him. Cultivation charges went increasing and in the last few many years, erratic temperature and unseasonal rainfall have harmed his produce on a regular basis. The price of pesticides and labour has practically doubled and Covid-19-induced lockdowns and limits have crippled Dada wholly.

Very last week, he slash down the winery and marketed iron wires, cement pillars and other content applied for grape cultivation and is the moment once again readying the industry for sugarcane. “ Accurate, sugarcane is a lazy man’s crop. You sow it and then harvest it without the need of a great deal

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