India leads decline in global black tea output

Elvera Bartels

With a large fall in tea generation in India, the international black tea output so considerably this calendar yr has crashed.

“According to our compilation of the formal data acquired from several developing nations, the international black tea output till August has declined to one,301.eighty four million kg (mkg) from one,402.sixteen mkg in the corresponding interval of 2019,” Rajesh Gupta, compiler of Worldwide Tea Digest informed BusinessLine.

This fall of 100.32 mkg marked a decline of 7.fifteen per cent.

India contributed the best share to this reduction. “The Indian output crashed to 669 mkg from 821.42 mkg, marking a whopping decline of 152.42 mkg or eighteen.fifty six per cent,” Gupta mentioned.

“Here once more, of the 152.42-mkg reduction, North India accounted for 150.ninety seven mkg as generation nosedived to 533.forty eight mkg from 684.forty five mkg, marking a reduction of 22.06 per cent,” he mentioned.

Lockdowns and adverse climate

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