Top 3 Best Travel insurances Companies that cover covid-19

Coronavirus travel insurance: who has the best 'Covid cover'?

Restrictions on travel recently started to relax as the number of covid infections decrease, so if you’re planning to travel in the future, you should buy travel insurance because it is very important in case something goes wrong. However, while most insurance companies support Covid insurances, but a number of circumstances associated with the outbreak in which you would be uncovered, You have to make sure that you are covered before the travel because if you get in contract with covid outside the UK, your medical bills would be very expensive and if can’t travel for some reason like you get infected before the travel then your tickets and other travel expenses will go down the drain.

To avoid any kind of unwanted situation, it is always recommended that you get travel insurance that would include a Covid Cover and other Cancellation Covers. There are many different companies that offer various types of insurances. Before buying any insurance, keep in mind that insurance won’t cover you if you travel to a country blacklisted by FCDO. Each of the policies is unique in its own way, but in this article, we will tell you the best travel insurances that are within your budget and would include coverage of Covid-19 related problems.


Coverwise says that their plans would cover hospital bills and other medical expenses up to £20 and it would provide you with about £6000 to cover cancellation. The Cancellation cover gives you benefits like if you are unable to travel due to a covid infection and in case of a physical injury, sickness, or an unexpected pregnancy complication, you will be able to claim the cancellation cover. Your Hotel Cancellation will also be covered if you are unable to reach your destination country. The Insurance starts from about £5 up to £11.

Leisure Guard

Leisure Guard offers customers exceptional value protection starting at £6.52 per 5-day trip in European countries or about £20 for an annual multi-trip. Longer Trips cover comes at about £ 30, which would include Covid-19 cover as well. This insurance would cover about £ 10 Million in terms of medical payments and hospitalization, and for cancellation covers, it gives up to £10000. They claim all of their medical insurances would come with 24 hours online support


Avanti provides travel insurance for UK travellers. They have a variety of travel insurances that covers covid-19. The cancellation insurances range from £1000 to £5000 and for the medical expenses they give insurances from £5 million to unlimited, and the company would give you a 10% discount on your Covid Tests and in case you miss your flight the company will cover you for about £1500. To Claim their travel issuances, the person would have to be covid 19 vaccinated 


All these companies are budget-friendly that will give you travel insurances that cover Covid-19, but you have to keep in mind that these insurances won’t cover if you travel to a country that has entry restrictions and if you travel to a country that the government blacklists due to covid.