Top Myths and Facts You Should Know About Domain Name Transfer

Top Myths About Transferring Domain Names - Namecheap Blog

Not all domain registrars are equal. They differ in features and reliability, extending beyond simply selling domain names. 

If you’re unhappy with your current registrar, the good news is that you are not mandated to stay with them. Instead, you can buy a domain from a different registrar whenever you desire.

As your website requirements evolve, you might search for a new Domain Hosting NZ provider. And if you have never transferred a domain before, the process might seem daunting.

So, let’s look at the common myths and facts associated with the Domain Transfer process to clarify the process for everyone. 

Top 3 Common Myths and Facts About Domain Transfer 

Myth 1: Domain Transfer is a long and time-consuming process

There is a common misunderstanding among users about how long a domain name transfer takes. 

Fact: Transferring a domain name is a simple process that occurs in no time and requires lesser effort.

Initially, you need to unlock the Domain name at your current registrar and acquire a transfer password. Most registrars make it convenient to access and copy this password or code.

Next, you provide the code to the new registrar to commence the transfer process, which usually takes around five days. You don’t need to take additional steps or actions during this timeframe.

Myth 2: Transferring a Domain is costly

Fact: Domain Transfer costs less than the price of a standard renewal in a majority of cases.

Most Domain Transfers include an extra year of registration free of charge. And so transferring your domain proves to be more cost-effective than renewing it with your current registrar.

Typically, there are no additional charges associated with a Domain Transfer. You will only incur a regular transfer fee for most domain extensions, covering the domain renewal.

Also, many registrars offer special promotions and limited-time discounts specifically for a Domain Name Transfer.

Myth 3: Users forfeit the remaining registration time of their domain

Fact: Domain Name Transfer preserves the remaining registration time when moving between registrars.

Once you transfer a Domain Name from one provider to another, the remaining domain registration duration at the previous registrar is typically not lost but carried over. 

The domain will get renewed for another year as part of the transfer process.

For example, let’s assume it is March 1st, 2022, and you wish to transfer a Domain Name set to expire on September 1st, 2022, to a new registrar. 

Upon completing the transfer, your domain name will be renewed and remain valid until September 1st, 2023.

Final Words

After debunking these misconceptions, remember that a Domain Name can serve as your online address, whether or not you have a website. 

If you only transfer the domain registration, your hosting account will remain unaffected, eliminating the need to move files between servers.

After a successful transfer, the new registrar will assume responsibility for managing all pertinent information associated with the Domain Name.

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