Why You Should Never Start a Business Alone

Why You Shouldn't Start a Business Alone | Fortune

In today’s world, work is hard to come by. Making a living can be challenging. However, opportunities abound for entrepreneurs.

You may want to go it alone in the business world. That might seem the best for you, but you’ll soon learn that a partner or partners will help to make your business not only sustainable but successful too.

Reasons you shouldn’t run a business by yourself


Starting a business on your own these days is wildly popular. Some small businesses survive and thrive as such, too. If you want to grow your business, you’re going to need money advice and business advice at some point – and this is where a partner would be an invaluable asset to your business.

You won’t always have the time to do everything the business needs all the time, even If you commit all your time to run your business. You will learn very quickly that time is money – and you can’t spend all of yours taking care of every single thing. This means that you’re not able to focus on actually growing the business. If you have hopes of growing, you need to consider how you can hand over some important things to other people. That’s where experience will come in handy.


You can’t always be the expert in everything at the office. That’s simply impossible. Starting a business will give you a crash course in things you never even considered about business and entrepreneurship. There are literally so many aspects to a business – whether it be large or small – that you can’t possibly control or manage all aspects and details. 

Understanding marketing, sales, customer service and risk tolerance are essentials. A partner could crosscheck your paperwork and brainstorm ideas with you. It’s always great to have input on where you can improve efficiency or product design – before making expensive and unnecessary mistakes. Simply put, teamwork achieves far more than an individual can on one project.


You can learn from others and transfer your new skills and knowledge to your future projects. Skills development is one of the main advantages of a partnership: one is more skilled in different areas and both can learn from each other for the benefit of the business’s growth.

Single-person companies are less successful because the owner tries to manage all aspects of the business. They inevitably realize that its not possible to do so alone. Unfortunately, many don’t have the resources or experience to reach out for the right help before its too late for the business.


Spendign all your time and energy on yoru business is exhausting. You may burn out or lose passion for your business. This is perhaps the second most common cause of single person-run businesses to fail.


Nothing can replace the feeling of starting up a business from scratch and building it into a successful and sustainable company. Starting a business is a risk. By joining with a likely investor or partner, your chances of survival and success increase in the multiples.